Avant Planer




The strong and efficient cold planer (asphalt grinder) is an ideal attachment for asphalt road and pavement repairs and utility jobs. It grinds away the asphalt surface up to 120 mm depth, making repair of potholes, utility cuts, small overlays and edge repairs fast and easy. The unique centre pivot design applies the maximum force directly over the cutting drum enabling easier and quicker cuts. Different types of teeth are available for grinding of asphalt or concrete.

Water spraying system is available as an option. It is mounted on the planer and is equipped with 120 l water tank and nozzle bar (same as on Avant collecting broom), membrane pump and strainer filter. Also, 3 pcs Avant 29 kg counterweights can be mounted on the water tank support frame to add weight when grinding hard asphalt etc. material.

If side shift is needed, the hydraulic side shift adapter A37235 is available as an option. It requires the optional second auxiliary hydraulics front outlet on the loader.

  • Efficient grinder for asphalt road and pavement repairs and utility jobs
  • Teeth options: asphalt teeth (standard), concrete teeth
  • Hydraulic side shift adapter and water spraying system for dust binding available as an option